Thursday, June 24, 2010


I guess I forgot what it's like to make new friends?

Which in itself is odd to me and shows, clearly, that circumstances really have changed me. But what I mean is.. I've latched on so tightly and intimately to my close friends, (because I needed to) but I guess in the process I haven't let much of anything new in. Until I started my new job.

At first the job was just exciting cause we're all the same age and have the same humor and it was just.. fun. But then I started spilling my beans while tagging.. and listening to little and big stories about little and big problems while running clothes here and there. And then going to eat, or staying late, and getting to see who everyone really is when they're on and off the clock.

Then it turned into exchanging numbers, adding Facebooks, stalking blogs, this that and the other. And if I'm being honest, somehow it initially baffled me. Like I literally didn't know how to make new friends.. & by "friends" I mean the kind of people that you have some kind of deeper connection with. Something of substance. The things "in common" that really matter. The kind of "friends" that aren't your acquaintances on social networking or another smile-and-wave in the mall, but the ones that you're going to be standing in their kitchen one day, or seeing their dad in his pj's. I haven't been in a new situation like that in a while..

Well anyways, I say all this to say that tonight a few members of the closet crew went out for some Sonny's after we all got off at 9. We ate while talking & listening to troubles and drama. Then moved to the parking lot talking about religion and 2012 and relationships. Moved from one truck bed to another, watched the employees leave and the lights flicker out. Ended up with three girls in a tiny truck bed spilling stories, heavy hearts, and pure honestly in a parking lot until midnight. (We had mace, cell phones, and a bat I think.. don't worry.) But we were being so vulerable. So trusting with such personal issues. In a sense, we're kind of strangers to one another.. we're still getting to know each other's quirks, but we were spilling deep, deep unknown and untouched parts of the soul in a truck bed outside of Sonny's.
It was nothing short of the word beautiful.
..& I'm beginning to get very, very attached to this part time job..

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